Banish Your But-head in 2021

Have you ever tried asking yourself ‘AND‘ instead of ‘BUT‘?

It’s amazing what a difference it can make to your inner dialogue and your conversations with others.

AND‘ opens the door to possibilities.

BUT‘ closes doors, locks them and then throws away the key!

So next time you’re looking at a new role in a new industry and you start saying, “I like the look of this BUT… I haven’t got x, y, z”.


Then open the ‘AND’ door with, “I like the look of this role…AND I have x, y, z which…”

If you find it a bit strange have some fun with it to get yourself warmed up.

Something along the lines of…

“I like the look of this role AND I have the most fabulous hat to wear at the Zoom interview which will show them I’m head and shoulders above the rest!”.

Now that should start the ‘AND’ ball rolling 🙂

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