Eat Your Pudding First

It doesn’t matter how forward thinking and open-minded you are, there are always times when you get stuck in a rut or a closed loop.

Round and round with an idea.

Step by step using a defunct process.

Letting negative opinions stick like glue.

Rinse, wash, repeat.

Having launched my career in manufacturing I know how important it is to have reproducible processes to ensure quality and efficiency.

Your career, however, doesn’t generally thrive when you stick to rigid routines.

Being adaptable and open-minded may not be your default setting. It is, however, a career imperative.

Dynamic career landscape equals the need for career agility.

So what can you do?

As the title of this article says…

… eat your pudding first

This can be metaphorical of course or you can have a dessert before your main meal 😉

Quick side note – I did it this week. Had an ice cream first. Still can’t believe how joyful it felt.

My point is that taking an old routine in your everyday life and playing about with it can create some great positive vibes and…

..give you confidence, ideas and motivation to be more open and less rigid when it comes to your career.

PS…if you want to take a break from the old routine, want to take a fresh approach, join us at the Re-energising Your Career Hub. Be great to see you there.

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