The Value of Learning

In a dynamic changing environment encouraging and supporting each other’s desire to grow and adapt is an asset to society, to the economy, to the world.

As we’ve seen in recent times, major disruption brings new ways of working, new products / services, new rules of engagement. And this is set to continue.

With the last month of 2021 just around the corner, I believe it’s important to remember… this year, and last, are what they are.

No apologies, if that sounds trite. It’s what comes next that matters and how we approach our changing landscape of opportunity.

Being career agile, curious of uncertainty and prepared to evolve are what enable us, as individuals, organisations and communities, to achieve what we want for themselves and others.

Central to this is the attitude to learning and its value.

Creating Value and Impact

Substitute the word value with importance, worth or usefulness and it’s a good reminder that perceptions of value can vary greatly depending on context and individual perspective.

Like the old saying goes, ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder’!

Accessing the power and possibilities of learning happens when you…

✥ see it as your path to preparedness and career agility, NOT a tick-box exercise or someone else’s responsibility.

✥ take a holistic approach to your learning by looking beyond today’s requirements and not being too linear in your thinking. For example, project management for project managers may tick a box but is it really pushing you and helping you stand apart?

✥ stop waiting for someone else to decide on your learning needs and give you permission. Take action yourself. Be creative with your time and resources to make things happen.

Learning and You

Whatever your current view of learning, nurturing it going forward, is helped by these three interconnected aspects:

  • Your personal learning philosophy
  • Your appreciation of lifelong learning
  • Your learning champions

Learning Philosophy

How do you perceive learning? Your underpinning learning philosophy influences your approach and attitude to learning; it affects your beliefs and behaviours towards the importance it plays in your life and career mix.

A growth mindset and willingness to learn mean you become less fixed and less fearful of change. It encourages you to embrace the ups and downs of ‘newness’, develops resilience and allows you to thrive in a dynamic career landscape.

Lifelong Learning

Though you might not always acknowledge it, you constantly evolve through your experiences and interactions, aside from any formalised development activities.

In reality we are all lifelong learners; developing new skills to navigate the world. And our signature career development framework, The Innovate Approach, enables you to actively incorporate and appreciate learning on your career adventure.

Learning Champions

Investing in your lifelong learning may well be your responsibility. You are, however, not alone. Seeking out interesting interactions with other supportive individuals, helping others invest in their learning too, can help create a nurturing learning community.

Blatant plug… enabling these interactions and providing a safe space for career development and personal growth is what our Re-energising Your Career Hub is all about.

The reality is that lifelong learning is your route to personal and professional success. What fills the gap between pace of change and our ability to adapt and thrive is – drum roll 🥁 – lifelong learning.

Being fixed and furious breeds fear and frustration.

Being open and proactive about learning and investing in yourself and others is a beacon for hope and happiness… today and tomorrow.

Header image by Brett Jordan on unsplash

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