When the Love Runs Out

If you fall out of love with your career it can be a gradual build of dissatisfaction or, as it was for me, it can crystalise in an instant. Like a bolt from the blue.

The events of one day switching me off in an instant. Internally everything changing.

Spoiler alert… everything changing for the better it turned out 😊

Looking back it had been a slow burn this falling out of love.

I knew it was happening and made the choice to ignore it.

You see I’d become so invested in achieving my ‘pole star vision’ that it was going to happen whatever the personal cost.

You live and learn!

I’m now thankful for that fateful day. Once I binned my baggage of course 😄

Because the subsequent and future chapters of my career adventure have, and are, making my professional story even richer and even more interesting.

Reinventing, re-defining your career aspirations can often be met with resistance.

Just make sure it’s not you doing the resisting.

If you’ve fallen out of live with your career and need a helping hand to re-set and re-vitalise then why not come and join us at the Re-energising Your Career Hub. Motivation, materials and me! All there to support your unique career adventure.

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