5 Creative Energy Boosting Hacks

Being a dynamic career adventurer requires a regular boost of creative energy.

Here are 5 hacks to give you a boost every day in your own way…

Hack #1: Smiley Smiley. Each day, stand in front of a mirror. Look directly at yourself and smile your most fantastic smile. Beam from ear to ear. It’s good for mind, body and soul.

Hack 2: Camera. Action. Grab your mobile device and find a quiet space. Then make a 30-second video telling yourself why you think you are brilliant. And yes, you are, so no arguments!

Hack 3: Daily Snapper. Take a photo every day for a week. Make a note of why you took it. Funny, scenic, random, journalistic, whatever you like. Look back at end of the week and reflect.

Hack 4: Cheers Me Dear. Send yourself a thank-you card for any reason you like. Lifetime or moment. Recent or past. Serious or silly. Make it or buy it. Whatever you prefer. It’s by you for you.

Hack 5: Rhyme Time. vWrite a poem about your job. The good, the bad and the ugly. Include whatever you feel like; in whatever style you fancy. Haiku, rhyme, limerick, or… tis up to you.

And if you’ve enjoyed these hacks and want more career-tastic energy boosting tips, support and ideas then join us at the Re-energising Your Career Hub today. We’re by your side. On your side. Wherever your career adventure takes you.

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