Knitting it Together

It’s funny how philosphical you can get when you are methodically de-constructing a bed base and mattress.

Or maybe it’s just me 😁

As we took them apart and stacked the component parts for disposal; wire, wood, textiles – you get the picture – it re-inforced a recent personal revelation.

On their own these bits and pieces may have their role to play and their purpose. It’s not until they come together as a whole that the true value is created.

The same happens when you see jobs, roles, skills, experiences and… as separate entities.

For example:

❝ I did this…but, horror of horrors…I didn’t do that! ❞

❝ I was called this so therefore I am that title. Now it’s gone…??? ❞

❝ I’ve not got that specific skill so they won’t want me! ❞

Seeing your career adventure so far, no matter how short, as a whole body of work is much more powerful and liberating.

Gaps become opportunity pockets just waiting to be filled by your skills, ideas and abilities.

Your experiences gained in different scenarios unite to demonstrate capability and strength.

You can knit component parts together to make whatever is needed; is of value or valued.

Having looked back over my own career adventure through the lens of a ‘body of work’ I can tell you I feel very different about it all. And empowered in a way that I haven’t felt before.

It might seem an obvious shift.

Or maybe you’ve already done it.

Whatever your situation, I highly recommend trying the ‘body of work’ vibe to motivate, empower and inspire you as you progress on your career adventure.

Header image by David Nisley and thumbnails by John Perrett on Pixabay

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