Getting Back in the Groove

Being grateful or thankful for what you have is a recognised contributor to staying positive and maintaining a healthy perspective.

For some people this comes naturally. For others it can be a bit more difficult. Plus change and challenge can have an impact on your gratefulness vibe.

As someone who helps others, self-awareness and personal development are an important part of my own wellbeing. So when it dawned on me that my own gratefulness vibe wasn’t as perky as usual, it was time to act!

The web-o-sphere is full of gratitude journals and the like if that’s your thing. Me? I decided to turn to my stationery stash and get creative.

[ Side note: I recently discovered washi tape and I’m a new fan of its sticky colourfulness. ]

Now, every evening, I write down three things I’m grateful for that day. Using my new collection of washi taps I stick them in my notebook and add to my gratitude collection.

And it has a helped me a lot.

When times are tough, for whatever reason, gratitude can be hard to find or the drive to go looking for it might not be there. Yet highlighting one thing a week is possible as a starting point.

It might be the comedy of a foraging bird or a particularly aromatic morning coffee or …

Practicing gratitude promotes positivity and that is definitely worth taking time to do.

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