6 Career Buzz Killers

The truth is your career has its ups and downs.

As your professional story unfolds, you can find yourself in situations or with people who really kill your career buzz.

Here are 6 contenders plus ideas of what to ask yourself in order to gain greater understanding and ultimately do something about it…


Questions: What old stuff are you holding on to? Any out-dated beliefs? Any assumptions being made based on negative past experiences?


Questions: What do you perceive are your barriers to success? Are they external? Are they internal? What’s your personal definition of a barrier?


Questions: What is blocking your way? Is it real? What are the alternative ways round? What creative solutions could hold an answer?


Questions: Are you just going through the motions and what does that mean you’re doing? What newness do you crave? What is missing?


Questions: Is your boss holding you back? Why? How? What do you ideally need from them? How has your relationship changed?


Questions: What’s stopping your progress and why? Is it workplace related and why? Is it coming from you? Why do you feel stuck?

So next time you feel your career’s a bit flat, check to see if it’s any of these culprits.

And with a little thought and action you can help them to buzz off!

Need more resources or support tackling your career buzz-killers? Then join us at the Re-energising Your Career Hub and we’ll help you move forward together.

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