Looking After Your Brain

With many balls to juggle and varied priorities, it can somtimes feel a bit tiring on your career adventure. Especially as you head towards the end of another year.

At times like these, looking after yourself and your awesome brain is more important than ever.


Well, according to Dr John J Medina in his book, Brain Rules, the human brain has an enormous appetite for energy. Consuming around 20% of your body’s energy.

So when you’re already feeling tired and you’ve still got to keep being creative and moving things forward, it’s important to make sure there’s enough energy to go round.

Here, reproduced from Dr John’s book are his 6 Brain Rules, designed to help you help your brain…


Exercise boosts your brain.


Sleep well; think well.


We don’t pay attention to boring things.


Repeat to remember.


Stimulate more of the senses.


We are powerful and natural explorers.

Thanks goes to Dr John J Medina and I recommended taking a look at his book, Brain Rules, for more insights in to why and how to look after your brain.

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