Poem: Reflection Time

I always like to get rhyming this time of year so…

… here’s a little ditty about the power of self-reflection.

As year end comes a-calling
It’s a good time to reflect
On your challenges and achievements.
What you did and didn’t expect.

It’s not about being all judgey.
Or donning your critics hat.
We’re talking positive self-reflection.
The route to insight and impact.

So with many balls to juggle
And time in short supply
The best place to get started
Is with the ‘what’, the ‘who’, the ‘why’.

Your aims and goals are the ‘what’ things;
Stuff you wanted to get done.
Make a note of all your highlights.
Use your achievements to spur you on.

The ‘who’ is a special two-parter
Covering others as well as you.
Think of what you’ve learnt. Any changes?
And people you’ve helped out too.

The purpose of your endeavours;
Well, that’s your personal ‘why’.
Reflect on your own special reasons.
Make sure they do still apply.

Reflection can be a real booster.
Especially at the end of a year.
It helps you re-group and re-establish
What matters and what you hold dear.

Happy reflecting 😊

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