Ditch the Doom and Gloom

Standing in the kitchen of the place we are staying temporarily, I suddenly got the sense of it being lighter.

Naturally lighter.

I’d heard the sound of chainsaws coming from an adjacent garden but had paid it little attention.

No great mysteries to the increased brightness. Just garden maintenance.

So why do I even mention it. Let alone start writing about what seems ordinary and everyday?

It was the feeling of being lighter that accompanied the actual increased amount of light which got me thinking and typing.

As someone who loves cooking, I’m always happy and feel comfortable in the kitchen. Even when no cooking is taking place.

Not the case, however, with our temporary abode.

This is why when more natural light began to enter, and I began to feel better about the space I was in, I noticed it.

Experiencing this shift reminded me that letting in more light, metaphorically, into your life, can have a positive, uplifting effect.

What do I mean and why?

Think of, picture, imagine the ‘light’ as being things or people that make you happy; ways of working, subjects or spaces that inspire you; activities, experiences or interactions that motivate you.

Your light-bringing mix will be personal to you and is whatever works for you.

The important thing is you take time to bring it into your life and keep it there.

Because feeling more positive about yourself and the world; taking time to smile and feel joy; encouraging the clouds to part and letting in more light …

… all help you to navigate whatever comes your way.

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