Poem: What Do I Want?

Still in a rhyming mood, I decided to create another.

This time about turning aspirations into reality.

Seemed appropriate for the beginning of a new year

‘What do I want this new year?’
Is a question you can ask.
It’s a powerful process starter
To move from dreams to ideas to task.

It doesn’t matter what you answer.
Be free and don’t be shy.
Be honest and think much wider.
Go on, let you imagination fly.

Knowing your wants gets you going.
Next add it to today.
Where you are now and reality
Helps decisions along the way.

Talk and analysis is easy.
It’s what comes next that is the key.
Map out actions which help to move you
From now to the future you see.

Good luck with your career adventure in 2023 and beyond 😉

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