306 Posts and Counting

All those years ago, when I started this blog, putting the first words down on paper; typing into the first blank post space, that was the easy part.

Pressing that cheeky little ‘publish’ button… now that got my heart racing and stomach churning!

Putting your ideas, thoughts and opinions out into the world; sharing the products of your creativity, for many people comes with an emotional attachment. And I’m one of those.

There’s no auto-generated, AI-assisted content. It takes thought, effort and a sprinkling of the way I view and interact with the world.

And my aim is to be helpful; to bring fresh perspectives and inspiration to all those amazing career adventures happening every minute of every day.

That’s why it matters to me each time that cheeky-little ‘publish’ button is activated.

This post is called ‘306 Posts and Counting’ because, yes, you’ve guessed it, this is post number 306…

… and I decided to mark this special milestone.

Well, why not!?! I’m always encouraging others to celebrate their achievements so…

Thank you to my lovely subscribers, passing readers, supporters and guest contributors.

Here’s to all the blog posts yet to come.

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