What Shall I Write?

What shall I write?

A question that can throw you off balance in so many ways.

It might be choosing the best words to use in a card to family or a friend.

Or what to put in a complaint letter to a service provider.

Or how to craft your professional profile.

You certainly don’t have to be a celebrated author to encounter the infamous ‘what-shall-I-write?’ question.

And it was that very question which inspired this blog post.

Well, you have to find those silver linings wherever you can, haven’t you!!

Looking at the blank screen; looking out of the window; staring into space, just weren’t helping so…

…I decided to write about the challenge I was facing.


…tah-dah, as if by magic I was writing and a blog post was taking shape.

You see, despite first impressions, there’s a beauty in the blank space. A space waiting to be filled.

And, as with life, it is with writing.

Possibilities are your inspiration.

Perfection your enemy.

So start.


Well here are a few ideas…

  1. Be clear on why you are writing. What’s the purpose of the piece?
  2. Doodle yourself a mind-map of the points you want to get across.
  3. Try free-writing…
    • Pose yourself a question – for example, what I am trying to achieve with my words?
    • Grab paper and pen/pencil
    • Set a timer for 5 minutes
    • Then write; answering your question
      • Don’t stop, don’t correct spelling mistakes, don’t edit or read what you’ve written
      • Go into a writing trance and don’t stop until the timer sounds
    • Look back at what you’ve written, reflect on what you’ve written and extract those marvellous nuggets you’ve created.
  4. Go visual…
    • Find or create images which tell the story of what you want to convey.
    • The different energy may well inspire your words.
  5. Go verbal…
    • Grab a voice recorder and say what you want to write
    • Listen, reflect and capture the main points.

Next time you’re stuck for words, home in on the possibilities, say farewell to perfection and… try out one of the ideas above. And write, write, write.

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