Packing and Unpacking on Your Career Adventure

By my calculation, I’ve moved 6 times since March 2022.

Our re-location adventure, as well as planning, has involved quite a lot of packing… and unpacking!

Looking back over the whole experience, it struck me that when you’re wanting, planning, considering or executing any form of move, there is always a degree of packing and unpacking involved.

To clarify, I’m thinking more of the intangible side of things.

Not the pot plant from your desk or the framed photo of your dog, Humphrey.

More the bundling together of skills, experiences and capabilities to achieve specific aims, goals and aspirations.

Making moves and changes means putting together a different bundle before, during and after the move or change.

A collation and curation of what you want to showcase and what is needed.

The rest?

Well, they might go into temporary storage until they are needed again.

Not forgotten.

Just in the wings. Waiting to be called in to play.

The more you move, learn and take on new challenges the more adept you become at packing and unpacking.

Meaning you can do it off-the-cuff when those chance meetings or random opportunities present themselves.

As to our re-location adventure… it’s now time to do a bit more unpacking.

Those boxes aren’t going to empty themselves 😆

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