The Power of Simpler Things

Sitting drinking a pot of redbush tea, listening to the birds, I felt inspired to write. Nothing particularly profound or loquaciously long.

There have been a lot of major changes in my life over the past few years. Some instigated by me; some by us; some out of anyone’s control.

What has, and always, keeps me grounded is noticing and being thankful for the simpler things.

Not grand gestures or pricey posessions.

Not big bucks or exotic experiences.

Simpler things.

Of course, each person’s are special to them.

Mine include…

A pot of tea in the afternoon

Walking in the countryside

Pottering in the garden

Enjoying some homemade food

Don’t get me wrong.

I’m not some zen-like hippie-chick who loves everyone and everything.

You should see my leave-me-alone-face 🤨

I’m not someone who never gets angry or stressed. 

You should hear me when the red mist rises 🤬

And I’m not pretending change is easy or that it’s easy to change.

My point is…

… when change is challenging you in ways you never imagined, it’s good to find the simple touch points which bring you a moment of calm, a wave of laughter or a welcome boost.

They could be just the tonic you need to help you through whatever comes next.

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