Have You Got a Downer on Down Time?

There’s an extra bank holiday in the UK this May. And it got me thinking about our different relationships with down time; with taking time to unwind.

Motivator . Nemesis . Stranger . Saviour . Companion

Whatever your role, background or experience it can be an emotive subject.

💭 Early career energy mixed with a something-to-prove drive might mean down time is taboo.

💭 Mid-career responsibilities combined with professional and career development challenges might mean down time is a pipe dream.

💭 Late-career changes amalgamated with shifting personal priorities might mean down time is a guilty pleasure.

OK, sweeping generalisations aside, you get what I mean.

Taking time away from work; your to-do-list; your inbox, can vex you in many ways.

Understanding more about your relationship with down time is one way of moving towards getting the amount and type you want and/or need.

Exploring areas such as…

  • when, how and what helps you rest, refresh and re-energise, plus
  • how you feel aboout taking time to unwind

… can help you learn more.

To get things started I thought you might like to try this…

Mini activity

Part 1

(i) In 6 words only, describe your situation or aspirations with respect to down time.

For example…

✎ Have a little. Want more please.

✎ No time for such frivolous things.

Mine is…

✐ Taking more now. Feel much better.

Part 2

(ii) Reflect on what you’ve written and the thought process you went through.

(iii) Consider what you are going to do next; what changes you are going to make

(iv) Pick one thing and… do it today 😉

As someone who has always had a strange relationship with down time, I know it can be a challenge to change.

Start simple; start small and before you know it the rest will follow.

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