Flippin Marvellous

It’s funny but it dawned on me this week that I have a challenge with February.  Yes, who knew?!!?  I realised that I always begin a new year at full throttle.  There’s no time for January blues for me.  I’m off on my mission.

Then February arrives and for a few days at the beginning of the month I feel like I’m behind; that nothing has happened.  Frustration looms and self doubt temporarily rears its ugly head.

My feelings are obviously real but, without fail, they are based on a very skewed point of view.  Put simply, I have lost perspective.

Actively investing in keeping my perspective as healthy, open and fresh as possible is a key aspect of my continuous professional development.  Helping others demands that I’m in fine form.  So being proactive about perspective is nothing new to me.  What was a bit of a revelation was this pattern with freaky February!

Luckily, my personal perspective toolkit is full of bits and bobs which I use to help myself and others, so I went for a mental wander.

Of all the routes I tap into, there are three that seem to helping me the most with my February feelings…

  1. Channelling my artistic-ish side (results of that next week!)
  2. Being kind to myself instead of having a mental rant
  3. Flipping the way I have been looking at things

To explore this a little further, here are three examples of flipping… also known as purposefully taking the opposite point of view.

Example1:  Stop focusing on what you haven’t got or achieved and start articulating what you have…

Example 2:  Don’t dwell on the downsides; consciously seek out the upsides…

Example 3:  When plans go awry, break your attachment to the negative and capture the positive, no matter how tenuous…



All the above seem to be helping me change perspective, get out of my temporary rut and get my mojo back 🙂 .  I hope they help you too.

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