What Picture are You Making?

Your career is a personal thing.

When it’s all going to plan you can feel focused and optimistic.

When major change, planned or otherwise, takes place it can be a whole different matter.

As you watch the world through the window of mass and social media.

As you observe the apparent success of others and their ability to ‘bounce back’, your perspective on your own situation is bound to be affected.

Opinions, headlines and soundbites are everywhere.

Like a zillion points on a gigantic dot-to-dot puzzle.

The story or picture you make from joining the dots can be influenced by your circumstances and frame of mind.

Sometimes it’s positive; sometimes negative.

Next time you find yourself creating a potentially unhealthy mental picture of yourself or your career.

If you think you are creating a false narrative about your situation, stop for a moment and remember…

… to help yourself keep a healthier perspective always take the time to

Dig deeper behind the headlines and explore, with a questioning mind, beyond the swipe and the skim.

And if you need a helping hand finding and keeping a healthier perspective at the moment, please check out Re-energise 21. It’s your chance to receive a 3-year fund membership of our Re-energising Your Career Hub and gain impartial input in a safe space.

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