A Small Gift To Yourself

One of the most productive shifts you can make when it comes to your career development is to see it as…

… a smaller regular activity.

Rather than a massive investment when the brown stuff hits the fan or when you want to / have to make a change.

In a dynamic career landscape when rules and requirements are always changing this puts you in a strong position to stay relevant and be ready to adapt.

Giving yourself a career development gift of a manageable block of time each week, is a positive investment in you and a commitment that you’ll get into the habit of keeping.

Then as your professional and personal story continues to unfold, you’ll be making the most of this chapter and preparing for the next… whatever that may be.

It’s the career adventurer’s way.

To help you make the career development time shift, our Re-energising Your Career Hub gives you access to career development support and resources when and where you need them.

It’s like having me in your pocket. How scary is that?!

Header image by MashiroMomo on Pixabay.

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