Your Woo-Whoa Cocktail

When excitement meets trepidation it’s a heady mix.

Battles between emotion and logic make a potent cocktail.

The Woo Whoa has landed!

Woo; it’s exciting

Whoa; negative voices try to put on brakes

Getting past this powerful and heady elixir can be a challenge.

Every time you want to make a move, you find reasons not to; why it wouldn’t work anyway.

And what would people say?!!

Having shifted several times in my career adventure so far, I’m well accustomed to the the Woo Whoa cocktail.

Knowing what to do to turn it into a Woo Woo instead is a personal thing, however…

…here are 3 things that help me every time I serve myself too many Woo Whoas.

  1. Remember, if you’re feeling anxious, frustrated, stuck or…, it’s better to be kind to yourself about it than have a go at yourself for not being x, y or z.
  2. Write down all the Woo’s that are whirling around in your head and all the Whoa’s that you feel are holding you back. No right or wrong here so don’t censor yourself. Look at what you’ve written. Sort out your fact from fiction. Channel your calm, positive side.
  3. Don’t let your inner monsters run the show

All this talk of cocktails has made me thirsty. Think it might be time to put the kettle on 🙂

Header image by Vicious Speed on Pixabay

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