Dodging Your De-energisers

With Halloween just around the corner my thoughts turned to all things ghoulish and gruesome.


Regardless of how positive you are, we all have a dark-side.

It may be transient. It may stay a while.

Plus, you are bound to meet, or have already met, some people who may not have your best interests at heart.

So to help you keep your own dark-side in check and to protect yourself from other people’s, here are three common dark-personas which you may encounter or experience on your career adventure.

Energy Vampire: Whether remotely or face-to-face, the Energy Vampire drains away your positivity and your drive. Making you feel tired and less than motivated, while they go away feeling happier and bouncier, having gained a cheeky energy top up from you. Learning to recognise them and what they do means you can work out your own style of protection.

And… if you realise you might be accidentally going over to the dark-side yourself, take a break, do something that makes you happy, take time to laugh a little, do whatever it is that helps you boost your own energy bank.

Angry Animal: Let’s face it, when plans go wonky or people let you down it can make you feel annoyed and angry. It’s human and natural. The key is to recognise your rage and then do something positive about managing it. Writing down or doodling what has p&*$ed you off can help you get to the root of the problem.

And… if you meet or work with an all-of-the-time Angry Animal, remember, try not to join them in their anger-fest. That will only fuel their anger, make you angry and result in some powerful negative energy. Instead aim to stay as calm as you can and get creative so you can think of ways you can work together more effectively.

Career Zombie: You want to do something new or different on your career adventure and you decide to share it with friends, family or colleagues. The tumbleweed blows past, the tutting and the head shaking begin. You’ve just encountered a Career Zombie. Someone who thinks rigidly about careers, doesn’t like change and wants you to follow then in their shuffling foot steps. Thank them for their input, extract any genuine insights they may have highlighted and then keep going on your career adventure.

And… if you feel like you’re becoming a Career Zombie, take a step back and imagine yourself in 3 years time. Use your future asprations to feed your energy today.

Experiencing our dark-side, dark times or people who aren’t good for us happens throughout life and your career. A tried-n-tested protector is keep your sense of humour 😁.

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