Percolating or Procrastinating?

Doodle of a coffee pot shown to support the peroclating metaphor shared in the post

Are you percolating or procrastinating?

Percolating means ideas are formulating; choices are emerging and being filtered.

It can be easy to get frustrated with the weird limbo-ness of it all. I know because it happens to me regularly!

Procrastination on the other hand means you are putting off or delaying acting on your choices or ideas.

A great place to start, if you’re not sure which of these pesky P’s are holding you back, is to…

… kindly ask yourself why you’re not acting on your ideas or choices.

Next answer honestly. Doodling, writing, talking it though out loud with yourself or someone you trust.

Is perfection getting in the way? Are there some missing pieces?

Whatever your reasons, thinking about what might be holding you back is a good way to help you move forward.

PS… Special thanks to my pal Dr Julie Reeves for the percolation metaphor 🙂

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