Letting in the Light

When you’ve experienced a major unexpected change in your career, it’s hardly surprising you can get defensive about it all.

All those plans. All that time and investment then…


Pulling up the shutters, closing off from others may give you temporary breathing space. Staying there ain’t so great.

Because when you’re needing or wanting to try something new with your career being closed-off skews your perspective and can help you build your own cloud-of-negativity.

And as the old saying goes; misery sure does love company!

I’m not being trite, I know what it feels like to have to re-invent and re-vitalise when you have a heavy heart.

Yes, it can be pants.

Yes, there’s always a way forward.

It will be different.

It might even be better than you ever imagined.

And, as the words in the song, “The Light”, by the band, Disturbed say…

…”sometimes darkness can show you the light”.

Header image by Guilherme Stecanella on unsplash

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