Hi there, I’m Dr Elaine.  My purpose and passion is career development and lifelong learning.  A strategist through and through, I know combining vision, creative thinking with positive action brings results and rewards.

My approach to career development is called Innovating Your Career.  It’s inspired by helping thousands of people with their professional and career development.  It’s designed to put value at the heart of your career; helping you move into new career territory with confidence and style.

I’m also on a mission to enable science and engineering talent around the world appreciate and develop their broad-ranging skills and expertise.

My story in a nut shell:  A PhD in chemistry launched me.  Manufacturing and business inspired me.  Curiosity and pro-activity did the rest.

I don’t do superficial.  PhD’s do that to you 🙂 .  I do accessible, impactful and practical with a touch of the challenging and plenty of good humour.

From boilersuit to boardroom and beyond:  Stepping back in time for a moment, my adventure began in manufacturing where I worked as an industrial chemist.  Having been bitten by the business bug I moved into commercial and business roles; reaching executive level.  I got bored and frustrated with corporate flannel* (aka blah, blah, blah) and decided to use my product, business and people development combo to start my own positive wave. And the rest, as they say, is history…

To learn more, here’s me speaking at TEDxDorking…

*PS…  corporate flannel: to talk nonsense in a soothing, plausible manner

PPS… You’ll see EH Enterprises here ‘n’ there, this is a trading name

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