Hi there, I’m Dr Elaine, Career Developer and lifelong Career Adventurer.   Thank you for reading this a-bit-about-me page.  Don’t worry I’m not going to take you on a rambling ego trip.  Who’s got time for that!

Whatever your situation or experience, combining vision, creative thinking with positive action is what will bring you results and rewards personally and professionally.

And that’s where I come in.

I help you take your career into new territory and write the next successful chapter of your career story. I help you make your career pivot a reality.

My approach to career development is called Innovating Your Career. It is designed to help you confidently and continually evolve your career story. Building and maintaining your value and agility.

How do I know so much about career pivoting and career transitions?

As well as helping others I’ve done it successfully myself several times throughout my career adventure so far. In fact, I’ve done it with my business and myself this year. Yep, lockdown forced me to re-evaluate my aspirations and now I’m turning them into reality. Epic!

Ooh, before I forget, here’s a snapshot of my professional past.

Lots of lovely pivot action 😎…

From boilersuit to boardroom and beyond:  After completing my PhD in Chemistry, my adventure began in manufacturing where I worked as an industrial chemist.  Having been bitten by the business bug I pivoted into commercial and business roles; ultimately reaching executive level. 

To earn my business and leadership spurs, pivoting industry several times along the way, I led a multi-disciplinary technical team, ran a body armour business, worked in front-line sales and turned a loss-making division to profit.

After climbing the corporate ladder for a while and getting closer to my goal of become a Managing Director, I made a life-changing pivot decision.

I left my board-level role and set off on my own entrepreneurial path. Via jewellery [I wouldn’t have expected that either 😉], business mentoring and talent development, I found my true purpose.

Supporting professionals on their career adventures.

I also have a special connection with and appreciation of science, engineering and doctoral research. Here’s me in action at TEDxDorking talking about Nurturing Our Knowledge Engine…

Finally, I’m proud to be a Governor of Prior’s Field School in Godalming and an Enterprise Adviser to NESCOT College in Epsom.

I’m always happy to discuss moving your career into new territory.  My free 30-minute career call is a great way to get the conversation started. Please follow this link to book via Calendly…

PS… You’ll see EH Enterprises here ‘n’ there, it’s a trading name

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