Myth Busting

What do these people all have in common?  The senior manager of a youth services organisation, the CEO of a charity, the CEO of a recruitment firm and the founder of a skills development business.  It’s not a skills thing.  Nor is it a social enterprise thing.  The connection is…

… they all started their careers in science and/or engineering and now hold leadership roles.

So who said that technical professionals aren’t able to lead?

There are of course many scientists, engineers and technologists who do not want to take on such positions and wish to follow a path of technical excellence.  But for those who do have the desire to lead and who receive the right skills development input, leadership roles can hold a raft of opportunities in new industries and in functional and multi-functional team settings.

Whatever the size or health of an organisation or the business situation, leadership comes in many guises, as do the successful modern leaders who demonstrate it.  Our commercial and technological landscape is ever-evolving.  Dealing with the growing levels of complexity and choice which accompany these changes requires individuals who have the agility of thinking and flexibility required to put challenges into context, find clarity and enable teams and organisations to succeed.

And where do we find these individuals who demonstrate holistic thinking, who thrive on complexity and are constantly called upon to solve problems and innovate?   In the lab; in the engineering department; working on the factory floor.  How do I know?  Well I’ve met many of them and…

… I just so happen to have started there myself.

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