A Poem of Thanks

As the end of the year draws near
It’s a time for reflection and cheer
So grab a brew
Think of who helped you
And thank them for being so dear.

Think of those who were always there
When you were feeling stuck or unclear
They listened a while
And made you smile
Calmly lending a supportive ear.

Or those who gave you a spark
Inspiring insights for biz, life or work
Their input was key
To setting things free
For releasing your ideas from the dark.

To family and pals of mine
At this festive Christmassy time
Best wishes to you all
It’s been a ball
Thank you for helping me shine.

4 thoughts on “A Poem of Thanks

Add yours

  1. Am not quite good at making rhymes but I just felt I had to take the time to say hello and a big thank you for having stepped into my life this year.
    Happy festive season.

  2. Thank you for your gratitude
    And expressing it with such magnitude.
    It brought me peace in such hectic times , to pause and ponder your festive rhyme.

    For this I share my gratitude and respond in kind to your festive rhyme, and continue, I hope to spread the cheer, as we enter this festive time of year.

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