Poem of Thanks: 2020

Rather than doing a review of the year or a top ten moments, you know the sort of thing, I’ve got into the tradition of writing an annual poem of thanks. Hope you enjoy 2020’s 🙂

‘What are you thankful for, Elaine?’,
I asked myself today.
As I pondered on the year gone by
In a December kind of way.

It wasn’t as challenging as you might think.
Well, that’s a little lie.
The challenge came from what to pick;
The list was oh so high.

There’s friends and family as you might expect
Cos they are bloomin grand
Whether talking, helping or laughing
They’ve lent a virtual hand.

Then there’s the lovely place I live
With fields and trees and space.
The freedom to walk and breathe fresh air;
The wind upon my face.

The marvellous crop of veg we grew.
The apple jam I made.
The belly laughs, chats, lots of silliness.
The demons that I slayed.

So writing down this thank you ode,
As I try to do each year,
Was a fantastic, timely reminder
Of all that I hold dear.

Now Christmas is on the horizon
And 2021 is due
I send wishes of health, wealth and happiness
To you and you and you…

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