Make Uncertainty Your Life-long Ally

Uncertainty has been with us throughout time. Predictability often hiding it and creating a false sense of security.

Patterns to our lives; actions equalling similar results can bring the warm cosy feeling of a comfort zone.

When the events of 2020/21 began to unfold, uncertainty took centre stage. From one day to the next who knew what was coming; everything was turned on its head.

It was like…

…the world got shaken in a giant cosmic paper bag.

Affecting the flow

Even the most planning-averse people have experienced a whole new level of ‘going with the flow’.

For many, surviving in a crisis brought a heightened fear of uncertainty.

I know on a couple of occasions I felt my own anxiety levels reaching volcanic proportions. And I’m used to the rollercoaster of self-employed life 🙂

Balancing and beginnings

Moving forward into the new beginnings on the other side of a crisis is most definitely possible. And the opportunities will be greater than ever.

The old rules and traditions which may have inadvertently held you back may have gone; freeing you to experiment.

New services and products. New identities. Re-branding. Re-invention. All there for the taking. The next new chapter of your career is waiting to be written.

At the heart of these new beginnings re-balancing our relationship with uncertainty is key.

Doing this is helped by remembering or recognising that:

  • Uncertainty is a natural part of life.
  • Crisis and survival are not our new comfort zones.
  • There is no going ‘back to normal’, normal is now, today and whatever tomorrow brings.
  • ‘New’ is your watch word going forward.
  • In the ‘new’ space uncertainty can help you explore, adapt and stay curious.

And what does this mean from a career perspective?

By being a career adventurer you…

…use your imagination and curiosity to help you stay relevant and motivated.

…use longer-term thinking to inspire changes and inform your decisions.

…remember your career is your ever-evolving story and the twist n turns will always come along.

The future may be uncertain – it always was. The difference comes when you see it as a natural part of life and your career.

Viewing it with warmth, hope and a healthy dose of curiosity mean it will help you stay relevant and be a source of career energy. Today, tomorrow and…

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