STEM Talent. TRUE Potential

Over the summer I was privileged to work with two cohorts of multi- talented, multi-disciplinary doctoral researchers.  A STEM-tastic cross section of the University of Surrey’s researcher community and part of the Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences.

We came together because of my Shaping The Future Together professional development programme.

What brilliant people.  Thoughtful, collegiate and creative.  My time spent working with them was a pleasure.  From innovation to entrepreneurship; communication to leadership we learnt and laughed together.

Reflecting on our summertime adventures, reminded me just how much I enjoy working with STEM doctoral talent.  They always inspire me and remind me exactly why I do what I do.

You see, when you bring bright, enthusiastic people together there is a special energy created and at is heart is the power of potential.

TRUE potential…

Thought:  Taking time, however briefly, to think actively about the challenge in hand

Resolve:  Determination to go beyond current experience even when it’s uncomfortable

Understanding:  Working with others to define and meet new shared purpose and aims

Experimental:  Willingness to try something new even when outcomes can’t be predicted

There are many myths surrounding the doctoral learning experience.  It’s so much more than training to be an academic.  I make no secret that my sole purpose for doing a PhD was to get a better job in industry… and it worked!

Doing a doctorate is hard core.  It’s preparation for thriving in the face of adversity and making a difference in the face of ambiguity.  It’s preparation for the complexity of the modern world.

That’s why I’ll be continuing to help doctoral students broaden their horizons, harness the power of their potential and succeed on their career adventures.

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